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The One 2LP

Elton John’s 24th studio album The One was originally released in 2004, and is the only album in his extensive and much-loved catalogue to be produced solely by him alone. The album packaging was designed by Gianni Versace. Taking in his love for R&B, country, and Americana, it is a rootsy album, that continued the back-to-basics attitude of his preceding album Songs From The West Coast. It also marked the return of his legendary drummer Nigel Olsson, reunited with guitarist Davey Johnstone.


LP1 - Side A
1. Simple Life
2. The One
3. Sweat It out

LP1 - Side B
1. Runaway Train
2. Whitewash County

LP2 - Side A
1. The North
2. When A Woman Doesn’t Want You
3. Emily

LP2 - Side B
1. On Dark Street
2. Understanding Women
3. The Last Song

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